Monday, December 12, 2011

You send me thoughts from a time long past. Remind me of who I used to be and that I’ve never lost that young girl; she’s just buried deep within my mind and heart. There is gentleness to your smile, a thoughtful twinge of knowing in your eyes. You understand where I am and you tell me not to fear, I don’t feel alone or invisible any more. You intrude into a part of my soul that is normally closed off to others and at sometimes closed off to myself. A welcome invader in my heart.

You make me feel. Simply that- feel.

Long have I been closing myself off to the world of emotion; convinced that feelings and thoughts of need and love are for those who cannot build a big enough wall to keep themselves safe. Through the bricks and mortar of my wall you have sent thoughts of hope and renewal. You have thrown a lifeline of truth, of beauty, of honesty and care. You have become the friend I needed, the confidant I wanted and the lover I never knew I missed.

 I feel you next to me though you’re hundreds miles away. I can feel you looking at me, smiling at me, sweet words from you resonate in my heart; echoing in the emptiness of me till there is nothing but the words, and you and me and the quiet between us.

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