Monday, December 12, 2011

never and always

I will never be the skinny girl with fair skin and light hair. My eyes will never be anything but brown.
I will never have the smooth skin of a young woman or the wrinkleless features of a botox addict. My legs will never be shapeless, straight and free of scars. My thighs will never be thin. My arms will never be as lithe as willow. My body will never be that of the young girl I once was.
I have grown and lived my life. I will forever be a woman.
My stretch marks are a testament to my ability to create life. My stomach will forever bear the proof. My legs will forever remind me of my youth, of playing and running, falling only to get back up again. My thighs are strong and curved, they have moved mountains and welcomed love. My breasts will forever sway and draw attention. My hair will always shine red in the sun; a refection of my inner fire. Every line on my face is a story of laughter and pain of loss and renewal.
I am a woman, a mother and an amazing lover. My body bears witness to it all.

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