Monday, December 6, 2010

God and Winter

You sit on the tops of trees. Your weight means nothing to the top most stems of a mighty oak. What is left of the large leaves give way to beautiful barrenness as they shake a quivver into a silent breeze. Their last song to the summer. As they fall to the ground- there they join the ones like them. Turned brown by the lack of sun.
Only you live there now. You who live through the cold and uncaring winter of another year. You, whos blood still flows warmly through yor body. As we lie here. Decaying on the ground...
I've written your name over and over in my mind... trying to figure out what itis that I like so much. And yet I can't seem to see what it is that makes you so very beautiful to me. But it's there, and I can't help it. It's been so long since I've known anything like this. Yet it's something completely new. It fees good... like coming home..
Like sand through sifting toes. Our time here is fleeting. Like boats floating on the horizon.
Our breathing slowly fades. Like the waves that come crashing upon the shore. Our memories are changing. And like the seagulls cry, their song remains to echo in our soul.
As if I were some impermeable steel, you managed to find your way into my thoughts. Tiny grains of sand that make up an impression of you.

I keep thinking about what we said to each other. Quiet lines said unspoken promises. Things we wanted to say but couldn't, not yet at least... But right now, what I feel... feels good. As if it's always been there but I just didn't know. I am glad our silence said more than nothing. For what i feel now, can sometimes say nothing but mean everything.

written by my sister Kori- july '94

maybe on this beach, maybe up a few miles, maybe even in Australia, my soul mate surfed today.
And wherever he is- he took a moment to look out from the water toward the beach- and he looked
for me
Somewhere; maybe next door, maybe even in Africa, he looked into the sky tonight- the same sky I saw.
And wherever he is- he wished upon the same star I did
wishing for the day we would meet.
Somewhere; maybe not to far away
maybe in South America, maybe South Dakota
my soul mate is sleeping
and wherever he is- before he closed his eyes tonight
He thought of me
Believing in Me
and tonight
he will dream of us.


last night was incredible
last night you whispered in my ear
the things my soul longed to hear
last night you held me
last night i kissed my heart good- bye
i hoped last night would never die
last night you loved me.
last night you were incredible.

Back Again

Back Again
Mid September
San Diego
My sisters room in her house
two o' four
Sleepy but not
Trying to tell you
What your missing
Only wishing
you'd come
back again