Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my own embers burning...

what to do as i feel myself being sucked in to the black, bleak darkness. How many nights have been spent laying awake, dry heaving absent tears like so much sand through my fingers? The relentless feelings of despair and helplessness take over my soul and i begin the nightly routine of talking myself into and out of different states of mind.
there's nothing.
the emptiness engulfs all light and sound. the silence covers me like a small, cold blanket; never big enough to cover more than just my face.
the sadness shatters any thoughts of joy and happiness.
i can hear your breathing as you sleep next to me. hear your heat beating in your chest as i lay next to you. the feelings of life and renewal start to spring up inside my darkness like a tiny candle shedding light in the cavernous darkness of my soul. you stir the embers of my heart, awakening the slightest heat fanning the fire till it glows with the promise of the sunrise and i can feel the heat and warmth of my own embers burning.

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