Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Oblivion- By Amelia Ruiz

I wake up to sleep,
Falling forward and up
I see holes in time,
Which feel like watery spikes.

The white- grey world swirls around me,
Stripes of red and blue spinning to
Encroaching is the black
Making dark pure light.

And as I pass on through the colored oblivion,
Knowing there is no end
Thoughts, pictures, and people swirl around me,
From cave paintings to the Mona Lisa,
From Caesar to Picasso.

My breathing grows slower,
As the sweet smell of snicker doodles
Wafts through one thought.
I reach my hand tentatively through,
When I pull my hand out a soft, moist chocolate chip
Cookie awaits me, the mouse with it's cheese.

I scarf it down,
letting the sweetness
Dance on my tongue.
Slowly a song begins to play,
A single lute softly playing Greensleeves,
The music jumping with joy
Of being let free and becoming
Known to the world

I hear my alarm going off,
The oblivion starts to part
I do no worry though,
As I can come here whenever I

I move on in the oblivion.
I sure do love this Oblivion.


  1. Beautiful Amelia!
    Keep writting!
    Love You!

  2. Great poem, Amelia! Thanks for posting!