Sunday, January 24, 2010

I feel myself falling.
I am not afraid of the wind whipping by my ears.
My breath being forced from my lungs, like the crushing force of a train.
The pressure on my body is welcomed, the torturous ache inside, a release.
My hair stands on end as if electrified.
The fall ever ends, there is no sudden stop.
The feeling lingers there, in the soft and sweet places on my body
Where you kissed me.

Love seems a silly word
It covers a multitude of sins and pleasures
It describes nothing but means everything
It is neither tangible nor physical
It can’t be weighed or measured
Yet it can start wars and end drought.
It can slay the greatest dragon
It can save a life
It is hard to hold and easy to find
Yet is more precious than gold
It confuses the quickest brain
It calms the mightiest fears
Love seems a silly word.

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  1. You ARE an amazing writer! So glad you took the leap and started your blog! ;) Thank you for sharing your talent!